Fältcom Plattform

One platform, a thousand possibilities

MIIPS Open IoT Platform consists of four parts – read more about them below – that can connect to a vehicle, a building, or a system, among other things. Then there is the possibility of adding the functionality you want through various apps – such as camera surveillance, breathalyzer, or onboard Internet. Thanks to the platform’s openness, new apps can be created by us, our customers, or third party developers. This means you can confidentally scale up your investment with more features over time.

MIIPS Platform is used in many different ways in various industries. But no matter what the industry, it provides lower costs, better data and insights to analyze – and in many cases entirely new functionality.


Don’t be afraid to get your cables dirty

The MIIPS C Unit is our proprietary mobile IP server, on its third generation. The server is Linux-based and comes with hardware with a variety of open connections for both analog and digital data sources. Install the apps you need. The MIIPS C Unit can communicate with Fältcom Cloud Servers via fixed line or practically any of the existing mobile network standards.

Robust, maintenance-free design and redundancy in communication also allows you to trust that the MIIPS Unit and its apps are connected – in wet or dry weather.


Your data has never been safer.

Fältcom Cloud Servers collect data from the MIIPS Unit and apps, monitors all connected devices and alerts you if anything happens. All data communication in the MIIPS Platform is done with strong encryption. This and several other security features make it one of the first IoT platforms to be approved for communication in New York City's emergency network.

Through redundancy at the server level, geographic level and ISP level, reliability is also extremely high.


Control of the world, at your fingertips.

Customer Control Portal is your interface for controlling and monitoring connected devices and for using the platform's apps and services or the data they generate.

From here, you can view your fleet of vehicles or elevators, control cameras, screens and doors – or view diagrams of how many travelers have surfed the web on your bus today. You can reach the Customer Control Portal with an encrypted connection from anywhere, on on any computer, tablet or smartphone.


Always there. Wherever you are.

Fältcom Backoffice handles 24-hour monitoring of the system and connected devices. Automatic systems and alerts allow us to quickly detect and take action if anything unexpected happens.

During daytime hours, personal support is ready to help you if anything goes wrong. We also put a lot of time into developing and updating the platform. New features are added regularly.

20+ apps – and more to come

Because the MIIPS platform is open, new apps can be created for it by us, our customers or third-party developers. Right now there are about 20 apps in three different ecosystems – public transport, vehicles and property. If you do not have an app, you can easily let us or a third-party developer create it for you.

12 reasons to choose Fältcom and MIIPS Platform


Open platform – install new apps based on changing needs


Robust design, E-certified for vehicle installation


Future-proof – more apps are being developed all the time


Operator-independent and redundant communication


Highest possible IT security and strong encryption in all solutions


Three developed ecosystems with 20+ apps


The ability to create unique, customized solutions


Over 15 years of experience and over 40,000 connected devices


Extreme availability thanks to redundant cloud solution


24/7 monitoring and personal support


Ongoing development and updating of the platform


Open API allows for connection to existing systems

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