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We connect the world through the IoT. Our smart system makes it possible for customers to monitor and control devices in one place on the globe from another. We help our customers save money and resources as a result, while also contributing to a better world.

Our technology can be used for an incredible number of different things. Only the imagination limits what you can do. With our open MIIPS platform and its apps, everything from vehicles to signs and buildings can be controlled, monitored, and analyzed. For our customers, this means reduced costs, better utilization of information, or entirely new functionality. Because our products are open, third parties are free to develop applications for our platform.

Today, we have over 160,000 installations, 40,000 of which are online, in buildings, vehicles, and customized IoT solutions. We are the market leader in Scandinavia for mobile platforms on buses, and every speed camera in Sweden is equipped with our technology. If you step into an elevator, it is probably Fältcom that ensures you can travel safely with a functioning alarm system.

We have tremendously knowledgeable and committed employees who often find solutions beyond the ordinary, all based on the customer’s reality. All development is done in cooperation with our customers and we take full responsibility for our solutions, from concept to finished product, all with top IT security in focus.

Fältcom started in 1998 in Umeå, where we have our headquarters. We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and have an AA credit rating

We are a strategic member of ITxPT and and Business Members of APTA and NAPT.

Since 2017 we are owned by Telia Company. On October 1 2019 Fältcom will be fully integrated to Telia and work under the Telia brand.

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Fältcom - a global company
  • 160,000 installations worldwide
  • 40,000 devices online
  • Founded in 1998
  • Delivered the first cloud-based solution in 2002
  • AAA credit rating
  • ISO 9001 and 14001
  • Acquired by Telia Company
  • Strategic member of ITxPT
  • APTA Business Member
  • Fältcom integrates to Telia on October 1, 2019

1998  Fält Communications AB was founded by the entrepreneur Bo Stenberg, who previously worked with the development of Carephones in Telelarm Care. Bo brought safety alarm technology to a whole new industry: elevator phones.

2000 – The first MIIPS unit is being developed at Fältcom in cooperation with Ericsson, who supplied the GSM module for the unit. The origin of MIIPS was a prototype of a wireless IP router developed as part of the thesis work of the newly hired Michael Långström, now CEO of Fältcom. The idea was to create a wireless communication system for alarms. The idea to use the product for communication between machines to facilitate and streamline many other industries, such as public transportation, industrial automation and security, had already been formulated. The vision to use the technology to contribute to a better world was born.

2002 – The first cloud-based solution was delivered. Fältcom connected buses to secure timetables and positioning in Copenhagen. The same year, the first MIIPS unit was launched at the Cebit-exhibition in Hanover as a new item in Sony Ericsson’s booth.

2003 – In January 2003, Sony Ericsson asked Fältcom to demonstrate real-time positioning at the Comdex-exhibition in Gothenburg. During the summer of the same year, Fältcom launched MLAN in vehicles, now called Internet Onboard.

2004 – the first wireless elevator phone solution started being delivered.

2006 – MIIPS Generation 2 was launched, which came to be used in transport solutions, silo-on-line, real-time information in public transportation, and for positioning of vehicles for sanding and salting municipal roads.

2013  – Fältcom became the market leader in Scandinavia for mobile platforms on buses, and we opened a sales office in the U.K., Fältcom UK Ltd.

2014 – Reached SEK 100 million SEK in sales.

2014 – Fältcom was listed as one of the 50 most promising companies in the world in the Internet of Things by technology magazine CIO Review in the U.S.

2015 – Recognized as one of the world’s 20 most promising M2M Solution Providers by CIO Review.

2016 – Recognized as one of the world’s 50 most promising IoT Solution Providers by CIO Review.

2017 – Telia Company acquires 100% of Fält Communications AB

2017 – Strategic member of ITxPT

2018 – APTA Business Member

2019 – Fältcom is integrated to Telia

In order to protect the environment, Fält Communications aims to actively conduct its operations in a resource-efficient and energy-efficient manner. Our environmental efforts should be based on a holistic view within sustainability covering Fält Communications AB.

All employees at Fält Communications AB must support sustainability by:

    • sorting waste for recycling, economic use of resources and responsible energy use.
    • employing preventive measures to combat negative environmental impact by constantly striving to use sound technologies in everything from the development process to choice of components, which in turn leads to more eco-friendly products.
    • conserving natural resources through re-use and recycling of materials, through purchasing of recycled materials and through use of packaging and other materials that can be recycled.
    • ensuring economical use of energy in all activities, by saving energy, improving energy utilisation and using renewable energy sources where possible.
    • being well informed about research and new findings and complying with laws within the environmental field.

Quality is an extremely fundamental issue and we therefore strive to maintain good quality in everything we do:

All products and services must be delivered in accordance with both the internal and external customers’ predetermined specifications and expectations.

Through an established policy, controlled procedures, a high level of expertise and active commitment we must strive to achieve total quality.

Adding value
Together with our customers, suppliers and employees, we aim to continuously improve our work and generate value for all parties.


Charlotta Erlandsdotter Berglund CTO Fältcom

Charlotta Erlandsdotter Berglund

Tobias Andersson Vice President Worldwide Sales Fältcom

Tobias Andersson
Vice President, Worldwide Sales

Linda Eriksson HR Fältcom

Linda Eriksson

Jörgen Svedjeland CIO Fältcom

Jörgen Svedjeland