An open platform

to connect the world’s elevators and buildings

Urbanization, climate change, and demographic changes in cities all point to one fact: our buildings need to be smarter. They need to accommodate more people, be safer, more energy efficient, and more intelligent. That’s why our lift phones and the MIIPS platform exists: a complete IoT platform that connects all systems – from elevators to energy systems and security solutions.

connect your building

Connect your building

Control your climate control system. Monitor your lift phone alarms. Get a smart access control system. Or discover leaks in the building’s water pipes.

With the MIIPS platform, and our Elevator Phone Manager, the various system of your building stay connected, smart, and generate data. With a large number of apps in the Buildings Ecosystem for elevators, security systems, building management, and information systems, there are already a variety of applications. If you’re missing a function – let us or anyone else develop it.

We are particularly proud of our solutions for elevators

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Apps for all needs

We have a number of apps for buildings created by us, our customers, and by independent developers.

Alarm Monitoring

24-hour elevator monitoring for emergency alarm for passengers and technicians, and test alarm. Ensures an updated system and safe service for passengers.

Camera Surveillance

Set up surveillance with CCTV for increased security and control. Download video or images in high resolution via the cloud based tool, or connect to a live feed for special events

Digital Signs

Digital signs that display updated information in realtime. Can be placed in buildings to provide information to residents

Driver ID

User identification through RFID tags to assign permission to sites as well as connecting users to places and sites. This app is also implemented as user identification in our solutions for vehicles.

Elevator Phone Manager

A cloud-based portal where you can view your elevator park, triggered alarms, and
other information from the emergency phone system

Passenger Alarm

Emergency phones with multiple carriers, such as fixed line, GSM, or IP


Enhance your service by presenting entertainment and location based information and news on screens. Can be accessed and controlled in realtime from any computer through an intuitive web interface

Service Log

With digital service cards accessible through the cloud, you can easily keep track of your elevator’s service history. Anyone with access can see when the last service or repair was done.

Are you considering connecting your buildings?

Please contact us and together we can take a look at whether the MIIPS Platform can solve your problem.

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