Lift phones and emergency communication solutions

Are you looking for an elevator emergency phone or alarm solution for modernizing existing elevators? Or a communications solution to connect newly manufactured elevators? Whatever it is, we have what you need. Read more about our products below or contact us and we’ll tell you more about what might suit your needs.

Fältcom Flex Liftfphones


A compact and flexible lift phone that connects to a fixed line. Can be combined with GSM Gateway to get wireless communication. Available in different variants depending on type of installation, behind or in front of the panel.

The lift phone has an integrated speaker, microphone and LED indicator lights. It can be connected to a wide variety of accessories, such as an intercom, loop amplifier, emergency power, etc. depending on the additional features you want. It also has an input that can be used for technical alarms.

The emergency phone Flex is powered via a phone line in single mounting. Up to 6 elevator phones can share the same phone line, but this requires an extra power supply.

Simple programming via smartphone or directly during installation.

Download our product sheet to read more about the lift phones, features and installation.

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GSM Gateway

GSM Gateway

GSM Gateway is used to create wireless communication via GSM from fixed installations.

With Fältcom’s GSM Gateway, you can reduce the cost of operating your alarm solution. You can get a high-quality communications solution in places where fixed line is not yet installed.  It also works well with existing elevators to upgrade the fixed lift phone to wireless communication.

The device is easy to install; no programming is required during installation – the only thing needed to get started is a SIM card.

GSM Gateway is compatible with all of Fältcom’s lift phones for fixed phone line. The easy installation and high quality makes it suitable for both temporary and permanent installations.

Download our product sheet to read more about features of Fältcom’s GSM Gateway.

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