When culture becomes a driving force

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Fältcom dares Dräpardygnet

To dare to meet the challenge is what applies when #teamFältcom engage in Dräpardygnet, a multisport competition organized by the organization Tough Training Group Umeå. It means 24 hours of tough physical challenges that will be overcome through, among other things, cycling, running, canoeing and orientation. None of Fältcom’s participants Malin, Erik and Johan are multi sportsmen and would not have signed up for this individually, but when they can do it as a team, they dare to meet the challenge and trust that they will succeed.

This is largely due to Dare, Care, Simplify and Magic. Four key values that permeate the culture of the company and is noticed in both large and small, from the morning coffee with colleagues to how to meet customers and solve business critical issues with connected technology. Fältcom has worked with values in the organization for a long time and has a clear strategy for to work with corporate culture, values and well-being.

“Every year we have workshops with our employees based on our values where we discuss what the words mean to us and how they are expressed in our work,” says Linda Eriksson, HR at Fältcom. She continues, “our values & culture have been a success factor and remain important for both innovation and well-being. We want a workplace where people feel seen and heard, and are encouraged to dare to test new ideas, but also feel that they can fail. It is a prerequisite to make ideas pop. In this way, our culture becomes a driving force! ”

Fältcom also works actively with gender equality and how to create an open and inclusive mindset to each other. They have, among other things, talked about different ruling techniques that might occur at a workplace, things and behaviors that often occur unconsciously. The idea is that when everyone knows how exclusive behaviors are expressed and how they can be counteracted, it is easier to remind each other about it and strengthen the positive behaviors. It can be anything from including a newly arrived colleague in the conversation at the coffee table to being transparent with information or asking how your colleauge is feeling today.

The work has been successful, which can be seen in the annual employee survey and the fact that staff turnover is low.

“For us as a knowledge and innovation company, it is important to retain our employees, they need to feel comfortable at work. We also want to attract new employees, then values and culture are important factors”, continues Linda Eriksson,” The fact that we now have a team participating in Dräpardygnet is an expression in that we are not afraid to take on challenges! ”

If team Fältcom will succeed in completing the competition remains to be seen. The goal is not to win, but to meet the challenge together. The team will undoubtedly learn a lot and the individuals will get a stronger self-confidence.

“I’m terrified, but it will be fun. It will be tough, but we will cheer on each other”, says Erik, one of the company’s backend developers who is in the team. He is supported by Malin, Project Manager, “Yes, it will be interesting to see how much we will cope and how we will solve the various tasks, but I have trust in the team that we will help each other to the finish.”

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