An open platform

for connecting anything

Industry after industry is connecting machines, things, and systems to control them or measure and analyze the data they generate. Previously, each such project was associated with major development and investment costs and long implementation times. That’s why we developed an open, app-based IoT platform that dramatically reduces the time and costs spent on your project.

IoT Solutions

Customized IoT solutions

Do you have a vehicle or system you want to control over the Internet? Do you have a machine you want to collect usage data from?

With the MIIPS platform, almost anything can be smartly connected and generate data. For example, we have connected speed cameras for the Swedish Transport Administration, ventilation systems and climate control systems for Schneider Electric, forestry machines for Komatsu, and aluminum boats for Anytec.

Altogether, we have experience with over 200 customized solutions. Our hallmark is efficient implementation and fast ROI – so far, all of our customers recouped their investments in 12 months.

Projects we are proud of

Over 40,000 vehicles, buildings, and customized solutions throughout the world are connected with MIIPS. In many cases, over 20 apps and functions are running on a single platform. You can read about some of the projects we are proud of here.

Uppkopplade fartkameror

Smarter traffic cameras, weather stations and speed limit signs

The Swedish Transport Administration needed a more flexible solution to read off traffic enforcement cameras, and they turned to Fältcom. It wasn’t long before the solution could be applied to other areas.

Fältcom case Volvo Cars hexagon

Volvo Cars has full control of test cars with Fältcom’s help

For a vehicle manufacturer, data about how cars behave in reality is invaluable. That’s why Fältcom was hired to connect Volvo’s test cars.

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