Projects we are proud of

Over 40,000 vehicles, buildings and custom IoT-solutions worldwide are connected with MIIPS. In many cases, between 5-10 apps and functions are running on a single platform. You can read about some of the references we are proud of here.

Uppkopplade fartkameror

Smarter traffic enforcement cameras, weather stations, and speed limit signs

The Swedish Transport Administration needed a more flexible solution to read off traffic enforcement cameras, and they turned to Fältcom. It wasn’t long before the solution could be applied to other areas.

Fältcom case Volvo Cars hexagon

Volvo Cars tests new cars with Fältcom

Volvo Cars wanted to connect its test cars to the Internet to collect data and communicate with them. Requirements for data security and standardization were high – Fältcom was chosen for the task

Other cases

Here you can read about some of our other customer projects.

Fältcom case Ambulans Västerbotten Hexagon

Safer ambulance runs with Fältcom’s help

Excessively high speeds, excessive risks, and too many incidents. This was the reality for the ambulance in Umeå, which wanted to make emergency vehicles safer. They turned to Fältcom for help.

Fältcom case Nobina Hexagon

An investment that continues to grow in value

Public transportation service provider Nobina wanted to offer increased value to its passengers and its drivers. But the solution that was implemented – on time and on budget – gave much more than that.

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