Smarter traffic cameras, weather stations, and signs

Traffic enforcement cameras

The Swedish Transport Administration needed a more flexible solution to read off traffic enforcement cameras, and they turned to Fältcom. It wasn’t long before the solution could be applied to other areas.

Background and challenge

The Transport Administration is responsible for Sweden’s infrastructure. They plan the transportation system, decide on building projects and maintenance of the state road network, procure services for public transportation and is responsible for traffic information.

Since 2006 the system for traffic enforcement cameras is jointly handled by the Police and the Swedish Transport Administration. The speed cameras monitors vehicles’ speed on traffic dangerous roads and photograph violations.

From the start the data from the traffic cameras was downloaded with help of modems which was not working optimally. The requirements for the new solution were higher: In addition to being wirelessly connected, the requirements for reliability and accessibility were extremely high.


The MIIPS platform was quickly installed in a number of speed cameras. A one-year pilot project was carried out to determine whether everything worked as it should. The results of the trial were extremely positive. We met the requirements in all three areas – platform, accessibility and safety – and were engaged to continue to provide services.

The solution was so effective that the Transport Administration decided to expand the project to two additional areas.

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