Apps for elevators

Monitor your elevator

Monitor your elevator 24 hours a day and make it easy to service and safe to ride in

We are now introducing apps for elevators – making it easier for you as a customer to choose the applications that fit your needs and the hardware to support the system.

Passenger Alarm

Emergency phones with multiple carriers, such as fixed line, GSM, or IP.

Elevator Phone Manager

View your elevator park, triggered alarms, and other information via a cloud-based portal.

Service Log

Digital service card via the cloud.

Alarm Monitoring

24-hour monitoring for emergency, test, and technical alarms.

How do the apps work?

Passenger Alarm is an app that runs on Fältcom’s reliable platform – and acts as a hub for the emergency phones. Passenger Alarm makes sure the installed unit has a functioning carrier and battery backup, which ensures that elevator passengers can sound an alarm if necessary.

Passenger Alarm is in turn monitored 24 hours a day via Alarm Monitoring, which is in constant communication with Fältcom’s reliable server. Alarm Monitoring provides the server with emergency alarms and test alarms, as well as a number of technical alarms, including GSM status and alarm messages, to your cloud-based Elevator Phone Manager.

Elevator Phone Manager is your customer portal and provides an excellent, real-time overview of all your elevators. You can view the elevators on a map, see their GSM status, and activated alarms in a clearly arranged list – the information in which can be filtered and downloaded in the form of reports. You can also deactivate alarms, manually change their status, and manage information for accounts and subscriptions belonging to customers. Elevator Phone Manager is easy to use and comes with a customized and comprehensive user manual with step-by-step instructions.

Main benefits

  • Trustworthy apps: reliable products and cloud-based portal
  • User-friendly: easy start-up, detailed manuals, and intuitive portal
  • Comprehensive management of alarms, GSM status, and other information

You can also read about the apps for elevators in the product sheet below.

Apps for elevators

Apps for elevators

Fältcom Appar för hiss

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