Asset Management

asset management

Obtain a comprehensive overview of all your resources and benefit from real-time monitoring

Keep better track of your resources by gathering all information into a single web-based interface. The dynamic fields allow you to easily choose what is displayed and who can edit.

Create order in the chaos

Keeping track of a fleet and all its vehicles can be complicated. What vehicle is in which city? What equipment comes with the vehicle?

Asset management presents integrated data from multiple sources, including third-party data, in a unified and searchable index. Creating relationships between various resources simplifies work for your administrators. For example, you can link a gas card with a vehicle, which helps you monitor fuel consumption. Or, you can obtain a better overview by linking the vehicle with a winter tire storage location.

The system also facilitates the sale and purchase of new vehicles through simplified leasing agreement administration. When it is time to return the vehicle, you can easily see that the right equipment is included.

How does Asset Management work?

Asset management is an app that runs on Fältcom’s reliable MIIPS platform. A MIIPS C unit is installed in each vehicle that communicates with the Fältcom cloud servers over the mobile network. You can then access your customer portal and registry through the cloud server.

The registry can be quickly and easily tailored with custom fields specific to your organization. To ensure that the right users have the right information, user roles with various permissions are created, right down to the field level. These roles control which fields are visible and editable for the specific user. The user can in turn adjust the visible fields and create a personalized view. A detailed update history shows what information has been changed, and by whom – allowing you to quickly check on deviations of critical attributes.

Integrating Asset management with driver’s log and Driver ID makes it even easier to manage vehicles and drivers directly from the registry interface. Then you can list, filter, modify and add vehicles and drivers, and link these with an RFID tag to see which driver is associated with a specific vehicle.

You can also read about Asset Management in the product sheet below.

Fältcom MIIPS PLATFORM Asset Management Portal

Key benefits

  • Can be integrated with other Fältcom or third-party applications
  • Easy to list, filter, modify and add vehicles
  • Seamless creation of management roles
  • Quick customization of fields and items to be displayed and edited
  • The registry can be exported to Excel for further analysis and additional reports


Combine with Driver’s log and driver ID for a further overview.

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Download product sheet for Asset Management

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