Blue Light Evaluation

Fältcom blue light

Analyze your emergency trips for improved driving techniques and increased safety

Fältcom’s cloud-based vehicle service provides professional drivers with an opportunity to analyze their driving behavior during risky operations. This helps them improve their driving technique and safety in the surrounding area.

Analyze, reflect and improve

When the alarm goes off, every second counts, and everything moves at a high speed – which can result in accidents. Blue light evaluation is a technology-based training support tool for emergency trips that helps drivers analyze and improve their driving behavior.

The trip is filmed and information is logged and is then available to be played back and analyzed by the driver and supervisor. The aim is to reflect on how time-pressured and difficult traffic situations can be handled with less risk-taking.

See video synced with other information

The cloud-based portal shows the trip on a map synced with the camera recording, GPS location, speed limit and actual speed.

It is possible to add comments to each recording. When you want to find a recording, you can search for these comments or for a specific time.

How does Blue Ligth Evaluation work?

Blue Light Evaluation är is an app that runs on Fältcom’s reliable MIIPS platform. The app is always supplied with Driver id för for quick and easy driver identification.

A MIIPS C unit, camera and RFID reader are installed in each vehicle. The driver’s identity is recorded by swiping the RFID badge over the RFID reader – which is located by the driver’s seat. During an emergency, the camera records the route while the system registers other information such as location and a connection between the applicable speed limit and the actual speed.

The MIIPS C unit records and transmits all the data to the platform over the mobile network. If the network has poor coverage at any time, the device resumes the transfer once reception is restored. The information is then available to you over the cloud-based portal, where the driver’s trip is linked to the driver’s account. If an RFID connection is incorrectly executed, your administrator can correct it.

You can also read about Blue Light Evaluation in the product sheet below.

faltcom blue light

Key benefits

  • See a map of the speed limit in the area and your speed
  • Syncing between map, video and other information in the same view
  • The opportunity to improve driving behavior via analysis and reflection
  • Increased self-awareness and insight help minimize accidents

Download product sheet about Blue Light Evaluation

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