Camera Surveillance


CCTV with monitored communication offer greater security

Improve safety and reduce the risk of vandalism with CCTV cameras that provide real-time or recorded images that are available online. The solution can then be managed remotely.

Wide range of applications

Camera Surveillance can be used in many industries, such as public transport, construction, and real estate. You can connect up to eight CCTV cameras, allowing you to monitor a large area and reduce the risk of vandalism, as the vandal is more likely to be caught.

For example, during public transport boarding and disembarking, the driver can see in real time on a touchscreen display whether it is safe to close the doors. The same screen can automatically switch to a rear-view camera when the vehicle is moving in reverse.

See live streaming or download the recording

Fältcom’s Camera Surveillance offers a safe and reliable solution with central management. The CCTV cameras are available online along with downloadable images. Naturally, the cameras are only accessible to authorized users.

How does Camera Surveillance work?

Camera Surveillance is an app that runs on Fältcom’s reliable MIIPS platform, which provides the customer with recorded surveillance images. A camera is mounted in the area to be monitored and then connected to a MIIPS C unit that stores recorded data and communicates with a web service over the mobile network.

Video can be streamed in real-time when necessary, such as in critical situations. When the recordings are reviewed, the material is downloaded and the images are displayed via synchronized playback of all installed cameras.

If you would like to provide your driver with a live-view display, a Fältcom touchscreen – connected to up to eight cameras – is installed. The screen can display a split view with four cameras at a time, and the driver can select any camera for a larger view. The camera to be displayed can also be automatically controlled from the event recorded by the MIIPS C unit. For example, if a door is opened, a camera view above the door is displayed.

You can also read about our CCTV solution Camera Surveillance in the product sheet below.

Fältcom CCTV

Key benefits

  • See pictures via live view, live streaming or recording
  • The software is configured remotely
  • Reliability thanks to dependable products
  • User-friendly thanks to simple startup and a user-friendly screen

Download product sheet about Camera Surveillance

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