Digital Signs

Digital signs

With Digital Signs it has never been this easy to be seen there, even if you are here

An administrative tool that allows you to adjust your sign information message, no matter where you are. Just design the message and schedule when and where it will be seen – it’s that easy

Automated updates

The biggest advantage of DIGITAL SIGNS is freedom: updating what will be displayed and when via the interface is fast and easy. Enter the message text and decide when the message will be shown – schedule a start date, end date, and intervals. In other words, you do not have to be at the site when the information is updated, because everything is remotely managed from your computer via Fältcom’s platform. Software is also entirely remotely configured, minimizing the need for on-site service.

Many applications

Digital information signs let you present your message on buildings, in shopping centers, restaurants, sports facilities or public places, such as next to a highway. The purpose could range from pure entertainment or marketing to information from the municipality.

How do digital signs work?

Digital signs is an app that runs on Fältcom’s reliable MIIPS platform. A C-unit is connected to the sign that lets you control the text via Fältcom’s cloud-based administrative tool. The device is continuously monitored and all communication between it and the tool is encrypted. Of course, your access to the tool is also password-protected.

You can also read about Digital Signs in the product sheet below.

Fältcom MIIPS PLATFORM Digital Signs Portal

Key benefits

  • Includes support, maintenance, and subscription from telecom operator
  • Messages are updated remotely via the cloud-based administrative tool
  • Dependable through reliable products and the cloud-based portal
  • User-friendly thanks to easy start-up and the intuitive portal

Download product sheet about Digital Signs

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