Driver’s Log

Driver's log

Avoid extra taxes – by using a fully automated driver’s log from Fältcom

Upgrade your manual reporting with a user-friendly log provided by Fältcom that gives you a vast overview of your cars via the cloud-based portal – while saving both time and money.

Reduce administration

By replacing manual reporting with a fully automated reporting system, you’ll replace all the paperwork, which simplifies work for the driver.

Not only will you save time with less administration, but in countries where a driver’s log is a legal requirement, the system provides a basis for reports that are accessible via the internet.

Just press a button

Mark your route as personal or business with the press of a button – that’s all you need to do. To simplify even more, combine the driver’s log with driver ID through RFID.

How does Driver’s Log work?

Driver’s Log is an app that runs on Fältcom’s platform – MIIPS. After quickly installing a MIIPS unit in the vehicle and registering the vehicle in the system, you are ready to go. The driver marks the route as personal or business by pressing a selection button, and when the vehicle starts rolling, the route is automatically registered. The MIIPS C-unit constantly sends its status and information over the mobile network to the Fältcom server, from where you access the data through your cloud-based customer portal.

The data is presented in an easy-to-understand format, showing all of your vehicles and the status of each one. It is easy to filter and edit driver information, extract reports and edit route descriptions. Descriptions can be edited by the driver via the portal or through a mobile app. As an administrator, you can also view a map displaying where vehicles are and the direction in which they are traveling. The portal is easy to use and has a detailed user manual with step‑by‑step instructions.

You can also read about Driver’s log in the product sheet below.

faltcom drivers log

Key benefits

  • Reliable app thanks to the secure products and cloud-based portal
  • User-friendly with easy set-up, detailed manuals and an intuitive portal
  • Vast management of car status and positioning, and a messaging system


To simplify even more, combine the driver’s log with driver ID through RFID.

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