eco evaluation

Track results of drivers’ driving styles, and locate opportunities for savings

Analyze driving histories to reflect on how drivers can improve their driving behavior. Improved driving behavior automatically results in reduced fuel costs and pollution.

How can you improve?

During the trip, a driver receives immediate feedback thanks to the Eco-Driving app. Eco-Evaluation allows you to evaluate the driving results later, and analyze where there may be room for improvement.

Improved driving behavior often leads to a 15% or more reduction in fuel costs, reduced vehicle maintenance and reduced environmental impact thanks to fewer CO2 emissions.

How does Eco-Evaluation work?

Eco-Evaluation is a tracking tool on the Eco-Driving app, allowing you to analyze driver efficiency after trips.

Eco-Evaluation runs on Fältcom’s reliable MIIPS platform. A MIIPS C unit, a Fältcom touchscreen, and a Drivec Bridge are installed in the vehicle. The MIIPS C unit sends processed data over the mobile network to the Swedish Transportation Administration’s user portal, where you as a customer can analyze incoming data. If the network has poor reception at any time, the unit will resume the transfer once coverage is restored, so that all your data reaches its destination.

You can also read about Eco-Evaluation in the product sheet below.

Fältcom MIIPS PLATFORM Eco-driving portal

Main benefits

  • Reduced emissions and costs
  • Remote software configuration
  • Reliability thanks to dependable products
  • Post-trip analysis allows for careful reflection, permitting you to locate major savings

Download product sheet about Eco-Evaluation

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