Fältcom infotainment

Inform, entertain and advertise using screens, and manage everything remotely

Combine information, advertisement and entertainment on digital screens. We help you plan, distribute and manage content remotely, and display on-screen content in vehicles and buildings.

Useful enjoyment

Give your target audience an infotainment system that is both enjoyable and informative. Depending on how you wish to use the digital screens, they can show entertainment content on one side of the screen and informative content on the other.

Examples of entertainment include weather information, video clips, clocks and TV news. Within the public transit system, you can provide information about where the vehicle is currently located along the route, what the next stop is, and connecting departure times. Property owners can also provide important accommodation information. No matter what you wish to display and no matter the source, we can help you thanks to our open platform that integrates third-party systems.

Adapt your content based on your location

Because Fältcom can provide you with GPS positioning using the POSITIONING app, you can adapt what is shown on the screen based on geographic location and driving direction. This is an excellent solution if the infotanment system is intended for public transit, because advertisements for local businesses can be displayed as the vehicle approaches a stop.

How does Infotainment work?

Infotainment is an app that runs on Fältcom’s reliable MIIPS platform. After installing Fältcom’s MIIPS C unit and one or more screens, the unit will handle all communication between the screen and the content shown. The unit takes information from selected sources and provides entertainment and information on the screen. The screens can then also obtain information directly from the source via the MIIPS C unit, which functions as a fast, stable and reliable communication link.

If you wish to use positioning to provide geographically customized content, just add the Positioning app.

You can also read about Infotainment in the product sheet below.


Main benefits

  • Remote software configuration
  • Customized entertainment
  • Show transit information with live positioning
  • Add Positioning and customize screen content depending on location

Download the product sheet about Infotainment

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