Internet Onboard

internet onboard

Increase passenger service with Wifi onboard and monitor the statistics online

Refine the passenger experience on buses and trains with reliable high‑speed onboard Wifi. View how the data is used via the cloud-based portal.

Optimize your communication

Offer your passengers a stable Internet connection onboard that is often faster than their own 3G/4G phone. We have an operator-independent solution, which means that the communication is optimized via our equipment regardless of the radio network. As a result, the passengers can work, do homework, surf, share photos and listen to music during the ride – anyplace, anytime, and regardless of their mobile plan limits.

Robust statistics facilitate planning

In addition to a fast, stable connection, you will receive very detailed statistics via the cloud-based portal. This for example, makes it easier to plan potential advertisements based on when the most new people will see them.

How does Internet Onboard work?

Internet Onboard is an app that runs on Fältcom’s reliable platform – MIIPS. One or two MIIPS C-units, equipped with antenna, are installed in the bus or train. An access point is connected to the device, and together they will create Wifi to the passengers.

User friendly

It is easy for passengers to use the Wifi onboard buses and trains. After connecting their web browsers, they are guided to the company’s private portal site, where the user terms must be accepted. Each passenger is then allotted 300 MB of data and they are alerted when 10% remains. When all data is used up, the user receives a new alert that the data pool is gone, but will be refilled in one hour.

Detailed statistics

The MIIPS C-unit sends information via the mobile network to Fältcom’s server. The information becomes available via your internal customer portal, providing you with an excellent overview of the number of logged-in clients and statistics on how much data has been distributed over the last hour/day/week/month.

Below, you can download our product sheet for Wifi onboard buses and trains using our app Internet Onboard.

Fältcom MIIPS PLATFORM WiFi Onboard Portal

Key benefits

  • Dependable: through reliable products and the cloud-based portal
  • User-friendly: easy start-up of Wifi onboard with detailed manuals and intuitive portal
  • Comprehensive statistics, including client information and status of MIIPS

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