Message Push

Message Push

Help your drivers get the right information from traffic management

Send messages from traffic management’s cloud-based user interface to the touchscreen located on the driver dashboard. The driver can then respond to traffic management with a status code.

Messages with text and voice

Message Push is a messaging feature from Fältcom that helps traffic management communicate with drivers through text and voice-based messages.

Traffic management can easily manage garages, send mass messages, filter posts, and respond to status codes at the press of a button. When traffic management sends a critical message, the message is prioritized and shown directly on the driver’s screen. In other words, the driver does not need to actively open the message.

Customize your status codes

Because no two traffic management centers are alike, customers can upload their own status codes for driver communication based on the needs of the individual company.

How does message push work?

Message Push är is an app that runs on Fältcom’s reliable MIIPS platform. A Fältcom MIIPS C unit and a touchscreen are installed in the vehicle.

The robust 7” screen provides an advanced, user-friendly interface that enables interaction between the driver and the traffic management center. The screen allows the driver to receive messages from traffic management, confirm receipt of the message and communicate with the center using status codes.

The MIIPS C unit sends information over the mobile network to Fältcom’s server. This information then becomes accessible via the traffic management center customer portal. The portal provides a good overview of your garages, routes and vehicles, as well as incoming status codes. It is easy to send messages to one or more buses and see the driver’s response in the form of a status code. The administration sees a current view of the most recent messages and can easily search the log for older messages.

You can also read about Message Push in the product sheet below.

fältcom miips message push

Key benefits

  • Clear overview of your garages, routes and vehicles
  • Send individual or mass messages
  • Remote software configuration
  • Reliability thanks to dependable products and the cloud-based portal
  • User-friendly thanks to easy start-up and an intuitive portal

Download product sheet about Message Push

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