Passenger Counting

Automatic Passenger Counting

Get an overview of where most passengers enter and exit, and on what line with Automatic Passenger Counting

By seeing how many people use various stops and at what times, traffic management can monitor which trips have the highest loads. Traffic management can also get information in real time – allowing for quick action.

See how many people get on and off in real time

Keep traffic management updated on the number of entries and exits by providing them with real time data through our Automatic Passenger Counting. This allows for an immediate overview where traffic management can see right away if a trip is overloaded. They can then act quickly and provide more buses to avoid major delays.

Get an overview of where and when

Thanks to our GPS positioning, you get information about where the vehicle is at the time of measurement. Then you can synchronize with imported traffic information for an extended overview of where most entries and exits occur – sorted by lines, trips, and stops.
This makes it easier for traffic management to monitor the occupancy on various trips, such as: how many people ride on a particular line, which stops are being used, and at what times.

How does Automatic Passenger Counting work?

Passenger Count is an app that runs on Fältcom’s reliable MIIPS platform. A Fältcom MIIPS C unit is installed in the vehicle, as well as sensors in the form of door sensors and passenger counters. Door sensors indicate whether a particular door is open or closed. Passenger counters note whether a passenger is on the way in or out of the vehicle via a number of camera sensors. Door sensors relay information to the MIIPS C unit about which doors are open, and the unit then signals the passenger counter to start counting the number of passengers going in/out through the doors in question. The unit then aggregates the measurements from the automatic passenger counter and sends the aggregated data, including time and GPS location, to Fältcom’s cloud-based server solution via a mobile network. Fältcom can then pass this information on to your back office system.

You can download the product sheet for Passenger Counting below.

Fältcom MIIPS with apps

Main benefits

  • Includes time and GPS location
  • Get data in real time
  • Use as a basis for monitoring, statistics, or immediate action
  • Can be integrated with third party systems
  • The counting starts when the door is opened and stops when it is closed

Download the product sheet about Passenger Counting!

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