Obtain a quick overview of your resources out in the field with the help of Positioning

Fältcom’s positioning gives you a comprehensive overview of all vehicles and their locations, making it easier to distribute resources and achieve optimal usage out of all the vehicles. 

See your vehicles in real time…

Use a Web login to access a map with an updated view of individual vehicles or predefined groups. You can clearly see the location of the vehicles, their driving direction, speed, and whether the vehicle is parked or in motion. You get a real-time, comprehensive overview of all vehicles in the field, which is extremely helpful for optimizing and redistributing resources.

…or using historical data

Historical data is securely stored and quick and easy to access later when you wish to see past positions and routes.

How does positioning work?

Positioning is an app that runs on Fältcom’s reliable MIIPS platform. A GPS-equipped MIIPS C unit is installed in each vehicle and registered with the vehicle ID. The position and current status of the vehicle are sent in real time over the mobile network to the MIIPS platform, where the information is processed. If the unit’s connection to the server is lost, for example due to a disturbance in the mobile network, the information is stored in the unit and transmitted when the connection is restored.

You can access the information over the cloud-based customer portal, which gives you a great overview of all your vehicles via both a map view and in list form. The flexible permissions manager allows you to indicate which resource has access to what type of information.

You can also read about Positioning in the product sheet below.

Fältcom MIIPS positioning

Key benefits

  • Optimize resource distribution and car usage
  • Reliable thanks to dependable products and the cloud-based portal
  • User-friendly: easy start-up, in-depth manuals and an intuitive portal

Download product sheet about Positioning

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