Speed Alert

Speed Alert

Monitor speed to increase safety in traffic and reduce violations

The Speed Alert driver support tool helps the driver maintain speed limits, reducing driver stress, improving the working environment and increasing traffic safety for everyone. The result is a reduction in the number of accidents.

Receive immediate feedback

Feedback can be provided by a buzzer or light diodes that activate when the vehicle reaches an excessive speed. Or, you can opt for a touchscreen that signals to the driver that an excessive speed has been reached while showing the speed limit in the area.

All speed violations during the trip are logged and archived, allowing you to track violations over time if desired. The system also has login support so you can track the respective driver’s violations.

Safe driving is no accident

Driving safely and observing the speed limit strengthen your company’s brand by showing the public that you are responsible. This is especially important in areas such as childcare and school zones.

Maintaining the speed limit also has financial advantages, as a steady rate of speed reduces fuel costs and pollution.

How does Speed Alert work?

Speed Alert is an app that runs on Fältcom’s reliable MIIPS platform and provides you with driver support and a cloud‑based server.

A MIIPS C unit and a driver support tool are installed in each vehicle. The MIIPS C unit registers and sends data to the platform over the mobile network. If the network has poor coverage, the unit will resume the transfer once reception is restored. The information is then accessible to you via the cloud-based portal. The unit is automatically remotely updated on a regular basis with the Swedish Transport Administration’s national road database, which ensures that the system always has updated speed information.

The driver support tool consists of: one light diode, a buzzer or touchscreen mounted by the driver’s seat. When the speed limit is exceeded, the diode emits a light and the buzzer emits a sound, and the screen signals to the driver that the vehicle has reached an excessive speed. If another application is running, Speed Alert is superimposed on that app so that the notification is not missed.

The server service compiles all speed violations of a given vehicle as well as the number of seconds spent over the speed limit. This information is connected with the GPS position, which is visible on a map. Optional reports can be created to show the percentage of time spent over the speed limit.

You can also read about Speed Alert in the product sheet below.

fältcom speed alert

Key benefits

  • Driver support
  • Central tracking of drivers and vehicles if desired
  • Reduced stress
  • Quality assurance for transport jobs
  • Goodwill generated by speed limit compliance on the part of vehicles bearing the company’s name

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