Tachograph Data Manager

Tachograph Download

Automatic and remote tachograph data download with integration for analysis

Our digital tachograph solution automates remote collection of tachograph data and stores it in a cloud-based server solution. The data is sent directly to the analysis service via the servers or via a user portal, giving you overview of the work flow and the saved data.

Remote tachograph data download

Data will be downloaded from both the tachograph and the driver card at prescribed intervals. Thanks to Fältcom, this data no longer needs to be collected manually; everything takes place automatically through our servers.

If you have a third-party analysis service – that we support, you can choose to enable uploading to this service via our cloud-based Tachograph Data Manager portal, where you can then follow the upload status of the current data. All data is made available via the portal, giving you an excellent overview of received files and their status.

One user portal – two views

The portal offers two views: one for if you have a registered account with an analysis service – that we support, and one for if you do not have an analysis service. Both views offer an excellent overview of sent data.

Through the portal you can also easily change the name of your MIIPS C units and view their status.

How does remote tachograph data download work?

Tachograph Data Manager is an app that runs on Fältcom’s reliable MIIPS platform, with a MIIPS C-unit installed in the vehicle. The unit communicates with your tachograph equipment – that has activated remote download. The unit sends the data to Fältcom’s cloud-based server solution via the mobile network – where the information is stored for a year.

Because collected data is locked to the company through a company card, you’ll need to register your company card with Fältcom. The tachograph data is then sent to Fältcom’s server solution at regular intervals. The driver data is sent according to set intervals – while the driver is driving.

Customer control via the portal

For better control over collected data, you can access the data files via the Tachograph Data Manager portal. There you can see the date when the file was created. You can also view the MIIPS C unit’s status and when it last reported files.

If you have an account registered with an analysis service, you can easily monitor the status of the upload from the server solution to the analysis service. You can then verify that data has been uploaded properly, and see the time of the finished upload.

You can also download files locally to your computer through the portal. Search for the desired file and download it. During the search, you can select intervals of days, weeks or months, or set your own intervals. The tool shows you which files were downloaded when.

Read more about how you can get remote tachograph data download with our app Tachograph Data Manger in the Product sheet below.

Fältcom Tachograph data download

Key benefits

  • Automatic remote data collection
  • Data storage 1 year
  • Integrated with analysis service
  • Better overview via the user portal
  • Different views depending on your needs

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