Vehicle Climate Management

Vehicle Climate Management

Reduce both your heating costs, as well as your environmental impact

Automate your vehicles heating system and take control of it. You will not only reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary heating, but also reduce your environmental impact thanks to eliminating cold starts, which is the main cause of harmful vehicle emissions.

Take control of your costs

Instead of continuously heating the vehicles to ensure that they are warm before usage, you can easily eliminate unnecessary heating by automating and controlling the vehicles heating system. Automating the heating based on when the vehicle is scheduled to run, optimizes the energy consumption, and gives you cost control.

Configurations in the cloud based portal

Monitor all vehicles temperature and their status in the cloud based portal, and make sure they are within set parameters. The portal is easy to use and lets you configure temperature profile and other parameters – to meet all needs.

How does Vehicle Climate Management work

Vehicle Climate Management is an app that runs on Fältcom’s reliable MIIPS platform. A MIIPS C-units equipped with antenna is installed in the vehicle. Temperature sensors are connected to the device, and together they collect temperature data.

The MIIPS C-unit sends information such as position and temperature via the mobile network to Fältcom’s server, where the information becomes available via your internal customer portal.

All parameters, such as profiles for temperature and geofence, are set in the portal. Based on these parameters, the heating is managed automatically, and you can monitor its progress in real time, and see its history.

The vehicles’ positions are displayed on a map. This map allows you to create a virtual geographic boundary on an area, so-called geofence. Profiles for geofence and temperature, combined with positioning and other data, provides a vast overview on the heating status, including the vehicles status in relation to its profile, and which vehicles that consume the most energy.

You can download the product sheet for Vehicle Climate Management below.


Main benefits

  •  Automatic heating based on set parameters
  • Configure one vehicle at a time, or apply to groups
  • Overview of both heating and battery
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Increased comfort for passengers and driver

Download the product sheet about Vehicle Climate Management!

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