Fältcom VoIP

Add VoIP for improved communication between drivers and traffic management

Improve communication between drivers and traffic management by adding VoIP voice communication to your vehicle. A screen, microphone and speaker are placed by the driver’s seat, and the conversation can begin.

Call one or multiple drivers

VoIP is an expanded messaging feature from Fältcom that helps traffic management communicate with drivers using voice.

In the Communication Central portal, traffic management can easily manage garages, filter posts, call buses or other Contacts and respond to call requests.

SOS with GPS

VoIP is ideally suited to be paired with the Driver’s alarm emergency alarm. The Driver’s Alarm button indicates the GPS position of the vehicle while the driver is connected via the public telephone network to the alarm headquarters, which can listen in on the situation. Data from incoming alarms are then visible in the cloud-based portal.

How does VoIP work?

VoIP is an app that runs on Fältcom’s reliable MIIPS platform. A Fältcom MIIPS C unit, touchscreen and communication equipment are installed in the vehicle.

The robust 7” screen offers an advanced, user-friendly interface that enables interaction between drivers and traffic management. The driver can use the screen to respond to calls or send a request for an incoming call from traffic management.
The MIIPS C unit sends information over the mobile network via Fältcom’s server, and the information then becomes accessible in your customer portal. The portal provides a good overview of garages, routes, vehicles and call requests, etc. When a call request is received, traffic management may decide to call immediately or wait.

Traffic management can call a vehicle directly or contact a specific trip and start a group call with multiple vehicles.

You can also read about VoIP in the product sheet below.

fältcom voip

Key benefits

  • Quickly connect VoIP with an alarm button and GPS for increased security
  • Remote software configuration
  • Reliable thanks to dependable products and the cloud-based portal
  • User-friendly thanks to easy start-up and an intuitive portal

Download product sheet about VoIP

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