Fältcom Portal on various devices

Control your devices from anywhere

Customer Control Portal gives you full control over all MIIPS Units, all apps and services and any external devices connected to them. The portal is cloud-based so it can be reached from anywhere, and from computers, smartphones or tablets.

The connection to the portal occurs with strong encryption (RSA/AES). And the interface used to control or monitor your devices is intuitive and powerful.

Some features and options in Customer Control Portal

  • 24-hour monitoring of the status and connectivity of devices, automatic warnings via e-mail, text message
  • Control of connected devices, apps and features
  • Remote updating and installation of software, storage, configuration
  • Remote configuration of features, such as selected communication solution, firewall, input events (physical or virtual triggers), output events
  • Scheduling of events and features
  • Overview of connected devices, positioning on map
  • Tool for statistics and analysis of collected data and usage
Working at an office

Open API gives you the data you need

Do you have an existing system or interface you only want data delivered to? Through our open API, we can easily deliver exactly the data you need and implement a solution based on your circumstances.