Fältcom Cloud Servers

Fältcom Cloud Servers: one of the market’s most reliable solutions

Fältcom Cloud Servers monitor all connected MIIPS devices, store the data and statistics they generate and make it available for control and analysis via a cloud-based interface.

Over 40,000 devices are connected with the MIIPS Platform worldwide. They have to be able to reach our servers 24-hours a day, year round. That is why our server solution has redundancy at three levels:

  • Server level: all data is available on two different server types
  • Geographic level: our communication servers are mirrored in at least three different physical locations
  • ISP level: if one ISP goes down, you can always reach the server via another

Industry leader in data security

In addition to standard security in the mobile and fixed IP networks, Fältcom Cloud Servers and our software have their own security features that significantly enhance the level of security. MIIPS Platform communicates with strong encryption, AES. RSA is used for key distribution. HMAC-MD5 is used for authentication.

This is one of the reasons MIIPS Platform is one of few IoT platforms approved for communication in New York’s emergency network, NYC-WiN.

Only registered devices are allowed to communicate with our servers. Access attempts from unregistered terminals are blocked and logged as errors. Notifications about the status of the devices can be sent via text message, e-mail or XML via TCP/IP. Additional security features can be implemented as options for customized needs.

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