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Last updated on 25 May 2018

Fältcom values the privacy of its customers, its customers´ customers and end-users, and follows all applicable data protection laws and regulations, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR gives individuals within the European Union more insight into how enterprises use their personal data – and it also gives individuals rights to their data. You can learn more about GDPR by visiting the European Commission’s information site at

Fältcom is an international provider of the Internet of Things services and as a part of our business we collect and store information about the services we provide. Our customers are always other companies rather than individuals.

Fältcom is a subsidiary of Telia Company. You can learn more about Telia Company´s privacy commitments and policies at

What personal data does Fältcom process and why?
We connect the world through the Internet of Things. With our MIIPS platform and its apps, our customers can control, monitor, or analyze machines, buildings, and systems over the Internet. When providing the services we may need to process personal data. In such cases we process the information as Data Processor on behalf of our customers (other companies) who are Data Controllers.

In some cases where we are Date Controller, we may also process personal data for our own purposes. In the section below, we explain what personal data we have as Data Controller, where we receive it from and why we process it.

For Sales and Relationships
Type of data

Basic personal information of representatives of our customers and suppliers. For example: name and contact details

Source of data

From the employees of our suppliers or customers.

Purpose for processing the data

We need to contact our customers and their representatives, and to communicate with them when they are using our services.

Legal ground for processing the data

On our legitimate interest to communicate with our customer and suppliers via their employees in relation to the provision of services.

For Marketing Information
Type of data

Basic personal information for marketing information. For example: name and contact details

Source of data

From members of the public when they sign up for our newsletter or download marketing information from our website.

Purpose for processing the data

The purpose for marketing is to make sure that people who are interested can find out about developments in our service offering.

Legal ground for processing the data

On the consent that given when signing up for the newsletter or using download forms.

Consent can be withdrawn and recipients can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time and their personal data deleted from our marketing system.

For Web site experience
Type of data

Cookies that collect information about users browsing in our website. [See also our cookie policy.]

Source of data

From a visitor’s browser when they visit our website, unless they have prohibited us from doing so.

Purpose for processing the data

We want to make sure that user’s experience on our website is the best possible.

If you don’t want to share your cookies with us, let us know, for example, by changing your browser settings.

Legal ground for processing the data

On the consent given to accept cookies on our website, which can be withdrawn at anytime.

How long does Fältcom keep personal data?
The exact amount of time varies from what type of data we’re processing but in line with GDPR’s rules and principles, we only keep the personal data for as long as it is needed and then we delete it.

When we have your personal data because you are contact person for one of our customers or business partners, we keep the data until we hear that it should be changed, or we no longer conduct business with the company you are representing. Also, for personal data that we process for marketing purposes, we send information to those who have indicated to be interested in the information and do so until you say stop, and then we delete your personal data from our marketing database.

Where does Fältcom process personal data, and do we share data with someone?
We may share information with:
• Telia Company group companies where necessary and within the limits of applicable law. Our group companies may only use information for the purposes described above in this document.
• Our subcontractors, who process personal data on behalf of us. When using subcontractors, we take appropriate care to ensure that also our subcontractors operate in accordance with this Notice. Our main subcontractors include:
o IT service, infrastructure, and support providers, who assist us in offering our services.
o Different business tool providers, who help us to manage our customer database, conduct marketing, and offer customer service.

We may also share information in response to legal process or authority request in order to comply with applicable law or court order or in connection with judicial proceedings or other legal process. We also disclose data to competent authorities (e.g. to the police or emergency services) when required by law and always in accordance with strict predefined processes.

When we provide services in the European Union, we process and store data within the European Union.

How does Fältcom safeguard personal data?
Safeguarding personal data is of the utmost importance to us.

Fältcom continuously works to protect our customers’ interests. Our security work embraces protection for customers, personnel, information, IT infrastructure, as well as technical facilities. Special attention is given to information such as personal data.

Our security work aims to balance risk exposure, business value, available technology, vulnerabilities, and threats in order to comply with applicable laws, regulations as well as with contractual demands.

Information security and ensuring appropriate protection of customers’ information is vital for us. We strive to implement security measures to set appropriate level of protection of information and to prevent and detect disclosure of personal data to unauthorized parties.

Data subjects rights
GDPR ensures that individuals, who are data subjects, have the following rights: right to access personal data, right to rectification, right to erasure, right to object or to restrict processing of personal data under certain conditions, as well as right to data portability.

You can find more information about data subjects rights at:

Fältcom guarantees these rights to individuals whose personal data it processes as the Data Controller. As a Data Processor Fältcom also supports its customers who are Data Controllers to implement these rights, insofar as this is possible.

If you are not happy with how Fältcom processes your personal data, we will do our best to help, but you also have right to lodge a complaint to a supervisory authority. You can find a list of EU data protection authorities online at:

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice or your personal data, you can contact Fältcom using the following information:

General contact
+46 (0)90 18 39 00

Telia Company Group Data Protection Officer

Fält Communications AB
Vasagatan 23
903 29 UMEÅ, Sweden