Public transportation references we are proud of

Over 20,000 vehicles throughout the world are connected with MIIPS. In many cases, between 5-10 apps and functions are running on a single platform. Here you can read about some of the public transportation references we are especially proud of.

Fältcom Halton Transport

An extremely reliable system

Halton Transport wanted to update their fleet technology, replace the analogue CCTV system and increase passenger service with free Wi-Fi. They chose Fältcom’s IoT platform as a technology hub and got a state-of the art system that greatly reduced costs.

Fältcom case Skånetrafiken Hexagon

Skånetrafiken looks toward the future

Replace the old IT system on the vehicles with a new IoT platform. This was Skånetrafiken’s goal. The choice was Fältcom – and the results are history.

Fältcom case Nobina Hexagon

An investment that continues to grow in value

Public transportation service provider Nobina wanted to offer increased value to its passengers and its drivers. But the solution that was implemented – on time and on budget – gave much more than that.

Other cases

With help from Fältcom's open M2M platform and it's smart vehicle services, you can cut costs, obtain full control while protecting the enviroment - all at the same time. Our customized solutions have helped companies around the world with e.g eco-driving, driver's log and positioning.

Fältcom case Ambulans Västerbotten Hexagon

Safer ambulance runs with Fältcom’s help

Excessively high speeds, excessive risks, and too many incidents. This was the reality for the ambulance in Umeå, which wanted to make emergency vehicles safer. They turned to Fältcom for help.

Fältcom case Volvo Cars hexagon

Volvo Cars has full control of test cars with Fältcom’s help

For a vehicle manufacturer, data about how cars behave in reality is invaluable. That’s why Fältcom was hired to connect Volvo Cars’ test cars.

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