An extremely reliable system that enhanced passenger experience and reduced maintenance costs

Fältcom case Halton bus

Halton Transport wanted to update their fleet technology, replace the analogue CCTV system and increase passenger service with free Wi-Fi. They chose Fältcom’s IoT platform as a technology hub and got a state-of the art system that greatly reduced costs.

Background and challenge

Halton Transport is the main bus operator in the Borough of Halton with a fleet of 77 buses serving about 127000 inhabitants in the North of England. It is one of a few remaining municipal bus companies in the UK.

Halton Transport looked to modernise their CCTV system from analogue to digital on every vehicle, and at the same time introduce free WiFi as a passenger service. They wanted a reliable solution of the latest technology and turned to Fältcom.


Fältcom’s open IoT platform MIIPS was installed in every vehicle as a technology hub providing each vehicle with a connection to the internet. A CCTV system with IP cameras was installed and connected to the platform. Fältcom’s Apps for Positioning and Internet Onboard were loaded to the MIIPS units.

The system enabled a fully integrated and cloud based high definition IP CCTV and Wi-Fi system on every bus. It was thoroughly tested to ensure that all requirements were met regarding reliability, camera vision, and ease of maintenance.

All installations were made via Fältcom’s reseller in the UK.

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Apps in the solution

Halton Transport Apps

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