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Hedmans Buss & Taxi were looking for a WiFi system for passengers and chose the MIIPS platform. The system also manages download of tachograph data, alcolock warnings and real-time follow-up of critical functions. Now they want to expand it with new services.

Background and challenge
Hedmans Buss & Taxi searched for a WiFi solution for their bus fleet. They needed to respond to a contractual requirement by the public transport authority for buses in regular service. They found a number of suppliers but they went with Fältcom because of the hardware characteristics, as well as size, and because they had previously seen and heard about others who successfully used Fältcom’s systems.

The MIIPS hardware was installed in the buses with the help of an installation partner. It went quickly and smoothly with 1-2 buses per day during their downtime. The WiFi service was connected with 200MB of data per passenger.
Internet Onboard quickly became popular with travellers and statistical feedback shows a continued strong interest over time.

In conjunction with the WiFi installation, they also started an alcolock warning service called Breathalyzer. For passenger safety, Hedmans Buss & Taxi had used alcolocks for some time, but now traffic management could get an immediate e-mail notification if someone registered positive. The procedure to handle this could then start immediately.

After a while, the tachograph data download service, Tachograph Data Manager, was introduced. The information from the tachograph is uploaded to a server and then to the follow-up system Idha. There were many other systems that could also handle remote reading but Hedmans Buss & Taxi did not want to add an additional system when it could actually be handled by the MIIPS.

Tachograph data download has facilitated everyday life. They experience extremely smooth operation with automatic download and that they can go in at any time and see how each bus has been used. “We have five different bus depots and it would take a whole night to go around and read the data manually,” says Emil Hedman at Hedmans Buss & Taxi.

Since the buses are not allowed to be driven without a driver card, which may result in a fine, they have also added a follow-up to this. “I get an e-mail if someone drives without a card, it works brilliantly. We call it alarm driving without a card”, Emil continues.

Another feature that has been added is battery warning, i.e. the MIIPS sends an alarm via e-mail if the bus’s battery falls below 22 volts. There is a lot of equipment in the buses and the battery is easily drained. Emil explains, “Somebody may have forgotten to connect the maintenance charger or the RCD has tripped. Or someone may have run over the cord. We then get an e-mail warning and we need to make sure that it gets recharged. It can be a lifesaver when the bus is to go out again.”

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