The MIIPS platform changed Nobina’s buses

Fältcom Nobina

Public transportation service provider Nobina wanted to offer increased value to its passengers and its drivers. But the solution that was implemented – on time and on budget – gave much more than that. It is an investment that continues to grow in value.

Background and challenge

Nobina is Sweden’s largest public transportation service provider, with about 3,500 buses and 7,600 employees. Every year 280 million people travel on their buses. In order to offer passengers greater value, Nobina searched for an Internet of Things platform, partly to be able to offer Internet on-board, but also to help increase security for Nobina’s drivers and to provide information to passengers.


Nobina requested certain features for the solution, but also had demands and expectations regarding stability, sustainability, implementation, and maintenance. Fältcom delivered on every parameter. The MIIPS platform and the apps that were ordered were implemented. In addition to providing the requested features (Internet on-board, camera surveillance and infotainment) in the solution, several apps were also added in consultation with Nobina.

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Apps in the solution

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