Skånetrafiken looks toward the future with the MIIPS platform

Fältcom Skånetrafiken

Skånetrafiken’s goal was to replace the old IT system on their vehicles with a new IoT platform. They chose Fältcom, and with excellent results.

Background and challenge

Skånetrafiken is the main player in public transit in the Skåne region. Each day, the company transports around 250,000 passengers. They reached out to Fältcom to replace their old vehicle IT system with a more modern solution. They also wished to offer onboard Internet and set up a solution for voice communication between driver and traffic control.


The collaborative process was defined by excellent preparation and gradual implementation. The first features came together relatively quickly, and more were gradually added. Now, after about two years, a total of ten apps have been installed on approximately 70 trains and over 1,000 buses.

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Apps in the solution

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