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Reliability and compatibility with other systems were important factors when X-Trafik procured its system for onboard Internet and location data for their Reseplanerare travel planning service and Buss på karta vehicle location service. They chose Fältcom’s platform.

Background and challenge
X-Trafik were looking for ways to improve their customer and travel services by introducing Wi-Fi for passengers and displaying information about where buses were in real time. They also needed better quality follow-ups of service operation linked to the timetables.

The need was formulated in a procurement where important requirements included operational reliability and that the system would be linked via their existing ticket system. Fältcom together with a partner submitted the winning proposal.

“The bus location service is popular with passengers and has greatly increased use of X-Trafik’s app. The number of users is increasing all the time,” says Erica Rudolphi, Strategist at X-Trafik.

The MIIPS platform hardware was installed on every bus in the fleet. The onboard Internet service for passengers was started alongside real-time positioning of buses that updates once a second. Location data was transmitted to the Reseplanerare travel planning service on the web, in the app, and to the Buss på karta service.

Passengers can now search the travel planning service from and to which stop they wish to travel, and see the bus’s position on a map and how long it is expected to take to arrive at the stop. The partner system also uses orbital logic, which means that the system predicts the bus’s times based on its current location and how any delays will affect the bus’s later departure times.

They also began quality reporting of service operation linked to circulation and timetable data. This is done via the existing ticket system, where the driver logs in and via which the MIIPS transmits data for each route. A report of which services were not logged by MIIPS is generated every day. If logging is missing, a search is initiated to determine where in the system the error occurred and where action is needed.

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