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More and more vehicles are equipped with digital driver’s logs and positioning. The development is quick, and smart new solutions are popping up on the market, but they are run on their own systems that require unique installations and make implementation expensive. That’s why there’s the MIIPS platform, which lets you connect anything in and around the car – from the driver’s log to an ignition interlock device, security cameras, tachograph collection and eco-driving support.

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With the MIIPS platform, your vehicle is connected and you can install all apps and features you want to control remotely. We already have a variety of apps ready for company cars and service cars, heavy transport and emergency vehicles – both basic functions such as driver’s log, tachograph data collection and positioning and entirely new functionality, such as Blue Light Evaluation, an evaluation system for emergency vehicles. Read more about the different apps for vehicles below.

We also connect vehicles within public transport, such as trains, buses and school buses. Read more about our solutions for public transport.

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Apps for all needs

There are currently more than 20 apps in our vehicle ecosystem for service vehicles, company cars, emergency vehicles, and heavy transport – created by us, our customers and by independent developers.

Asset Management

Keep track of your vehicles' mileage, equipment, etc. through a simple and comprehensible cloud database.


A digital breathalyzer that prevents the driver from starting the vehicle if the results are positive. This increases safety and protects your brand - digital management makes monitoring easy.

Camera Surveillance

Set up bus or train surveillance with CCTV for increased security and control. Download video or images in high resolution via the cloud based tool, or connect to a live feed for special events.

Blue Light Evaluation

For emergency vehicles. A camera records every event and situation during an emergency. After returning to the station, the driver can see and evaluate every decision and get future recommendations. Proven to prevent accidents.

Driver ID

Driver identification thorugh RFID tags in your vehicles that link the driver to the vehicle. Adds another layer to positioning information, as you can immediately see who’s in a certain vehicle and get an easy overview of the fleet.

Driver’s Alarm

Enhance driver safety by connecting an alarm with GPS-positioning in realtime that immediately sends an alert with the driver's position when the “panic button” next to the driver's seat is pressed.

Driver’s Log

A fully automated digital driver’s log allows the driver to focus on their job. You can access and view the data from any device, making it easy to add information about the purpose of each trip.


Help your drivers to improve their driving style and lower your fuel costs and emissions. Drivers receive feedback and tips based on the their performance.


Keep track of your Eco-Driving and analyze your drivers' performance - save fuel and lower your emissions.


Get a comprehensible overview of your vehicles' realtime positioning: where they are, their direction and their status.

Internet Onboard

Add a stable and fast WiFi in your car that is easy for your personnel to connect to. Through the web portal, you can see usage and data statistics, and manage your network.

Message Push

Help the driver and the traffic management stay connected. Traffic management can easily send messages to drivers from anywhere and drivers can respond by sending status codes.

Speed Alert

Helps the driver to keep the speed limit and warns the driver if it is exceeded. This increases safety and improves fuel efficiency.


Improve internal communication between the drivers and traffic management by adding VoIP. A screen, microphone and speakers are placed by the driver’s seat.

Tachograph Data Manager

Automatic collection and storage of tachograph data. Offers two portal views depending on whether or not you have a third party analyzing service.

Projects we are proud of

Over 20,000 vehicles throughout the world are connected with MIIPS. In many cases, over 20 apps and functions are running on a single platform. You can read about some of the projects we are especially proud of here.

Fältcom case Volvo Cars hexagon

Volvo Cars has full control of test cars with Fältcom’s help

For a vehicle manufacturer, data about how cars behave in reality is invaluable. That’s why Fältcom was hired to connect Volvo’s test cars.

Fältcom case Ambulans Västerbotten Hexagon

Safer ambulance runs with Fältcom’s help

Excessively high speeds, excessive risks, and too many incidents. This was the reality for the ambulance in Umeå, which wanted to make emergency vehicles safer. They turned to Fältcom for help.

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