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Company cars should be easy

It shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming to use a company car for work. At the same time, there are requirements for each driver to keep a driver’s log to show how the company car is used every day. It may seem tedious, but it can be done easily.

By connecting company cars with the MIIPS Platform and the Driver’s Log app, everything is registered directly to the driver’s log, digitally and automatically. The system logs all necessary information for each trip and the driver only needs to specify whether the trip is private or for business. This makes it easy for the driver. Completed reports are just waiting to be printed, if needed. It’s easy and safe for the company.

One of the benefits of Fältcom’s solution and our open IoT platform is that there are additional smart services that can easily be connected to the platform, such as Speed Alert to help the driver follow the speed limit, or Driver ID for automatic driver registration. Add the Eco-driving app and give drivers the ability to reduce fuel consumption in daily driving; it also does the environment a favor and keeps the car in better shape in the long run.

Who knows, maybe there will be a new smart function for company cars tomorrow?

You can find more info on all our apps below here.


With help from Fältcom's open M2M platform and it's smart vehicle services, you can cut costs, obtain full control while protecting the enviroment - all at the sae time. Our customized solutions have helped companies around the world with e.g eco-driving, driver's log and positioning.

Driver’s Log

A fully automated digital driver’s log allows the driver to focus on their job. You can access and view the data from any device, making it easy to add information about the purpose of each trip.

Tachograph Data Manager

Download tachograph data remotely via the cloud-based portal.

Driver ID

Driver identification thorugh RFID tags in your vehicles that link the driver to the vehicle. Adds another layer to positioning information, as you can immediately see who’s in a certain vehicle and get an easy overview of the fleet.

Asset Management

Keep track of your vehicles' mileage, equipment, etc. through a simple and comprehensible cloud database.


Help your drivers to improve their driving style and lower your fuel costs and emissions. Drivers receive feedback and tips based on the their performance.


Keep track of your Eco-Driving and analyze your drivers' performance - save fuel and lower your emissions.


Get a comprehensible overview of your vehicles' realtime positioning: where they are, their direction and their status.

Internet Onboard

Add a stable and fast WiFi network in your train, bus or car that is easy for your passengers or your personnel to connect to. Through the web portal, you can see usage and data statistics, and manage your network.


Improve internal communication between the drivers and traffic management by adding VoIP. A screen, microphone and speakers are placed by the driver’s seat.

Speed Alert

Helps the driver to keep the speed limit and warns the driver if it is exceeded. This increases safety and improves fuel efficiency.


A digital breathalyzer that prevents the driver from starting the vehicle if the results are positive. This increases safety and protects your brand - digital management makes monitoring easy.

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