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Improve your driving techniques and increase the safety in the surrounding area, by using our technology-based training tool for emergency vehicles, where the driver can analyze their driving behavior based on the provided information and video recording. You may also, improve the safety of your emergency vehicles through extra camera surveillance that provide real-time and recorded images online.

Then learn how to drive more eco-friendly during the non-emergencies, through our app that offers immediate driving-based feedback – which leads to lower fuel costs and reduced emissions.

Improve the communication between drivers and traffic management by implementing messaging and voice communication. Help them feel safe by connecting VOIP to a driver’s alarm that provides both positioning and voice to the alarm central.

Finally, obtain a comprehensive overview of all your resources, by gathering them in a registry. You can even keep track of the temperature inside the emergency vehicles.


We offer several apps adapted for emergency vehicles - created by us, our customers and other developers.

Asset Management

Keep track of your vehicles' mileage, equipment, etc. through a simple and comprehensible cloud database

Blue Light Evaluation

For emergency vehicles. A camera records every event and situation during an emergency. After returning to the station, the driver can see and evaluate every decision and get future recommendations. Proven to prevent accidents

Camera Surveillance

Set up bus or train surveillance with CCTV for increased security and control. Download video or images in high resolution via the cloud based tool, or connect to a live feed for special events

Driver ID

Driver identification thorugh RFID tags in your vehicles that link the driver to the vehicle. Adds another layer to positioning information, as you can immediately see who’s in a certain vehicle and get an easy overview of the fleet

Driver’s Alarm

Enhance driver safety by connecting an alarm with GPS-positioning in realtime that immediately sends an alert with the driver's position when the “panic button” next to the driver's seat is pressed


Help your drivers to improve their driving style and lower your fuel costs and emissions. Drivers receive feedback and tips based on the their performance


Keep track of your Eco-Driving and analyze your drivers' performance - save fuel and lower your emissions

Internet Onboard

Add a stable and fast WiFi network in your train, bus or car that is easy for your passengers or your personnel to connect to. Through the web portal, you can see usage and data statistics, and manage your network

Message Push

Help the driver and the traffic management stay connected. Traffic management can easily send messages to drivers from anywhere and drivers can respond by sending status codes


Get a comprehensible overview of your vehicles' realtime positioning: where they are, their direction and their status

Speed Alert

Helps the driver to keep the speed limit and warns the driver if it is exceeded. This increases safety and improves fuel efficiency


Improve internal communication between the drivers and traffic management by adding VoIP. A screen, microphone and speakers are placed by the driver’s seat

Projects we are proud of

Through Fältcom's open M2M platform and it's apps, you can connect your vehicles and increase the security for both staff and others

Fältcom case Ambulans Västerbotten Hexagon

Keep your emergency trips safe, with help from Fältcom

The speed was to high, and the amount of risks and incidents where to many – that was the reality for Umeå’s emergency drivers. When they decided to increase the safety, they chose Fältcom for help.

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