Safer ambulance runs with Fältcom’s help

Fältcom case Ambulans Västerbotten

Excessive speeds, too many risks and too many incidents. That was reality for the ambulance service in Umeå, which wanted to make emergency runs safer. They turned to Fältcom for help.

Background and challenge

Every year serious accidents occur in connection with ambulances responding to emergency calls. Ambulance care services in Västerbotten shared the same problems as many others. The result was not just unnecessary risks for other cars on the road, but also a working environment problem. A project was initiated and Fältcom was brought in to help find a solution.


Fältcom worked with the customer and a research project at Umeå University to develop the Blue Light Evaluation app, also called DART (Driver Access Recording Tool). Blue Light Evaluation uses a camera in the rear view mirror to record the route during an emergency run and the video becomes automatically available in a web interface. The video is also linked to maps of the route, data such as G forces and information from the National Road Database, which shows the speed limit for a given route. Each driver can also be automatically identified by linking to an RFID tag (our Driver ID app).

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Apps in the solution

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